Registration Date 3 Jan 2020
Revision Date 3 Jan 2020

Nanoalps® System SOIL


Environment Soil Remediation

Soil Stabilizer


Nanoalps® System SOIL is also usable with contaminated earth in combination with hydraulic binders and thereby immobilizes harmful substances. In addition to that, it is suitable for the following areas: Base layer for national roads, state roads and highways Carparks, cycle tracks and foot paths Forest roads, country paths and skiing areas Foundations and access roads to construction sites Nature protected areas and protected landscapes Construction of hard shoulders by avoiding slip circles Storage areas and container platforms Harbours and airports Dams, dykes and water reservoirs
Soil stabilizing


Consolidation, stabilization and toughening of roadways and base courses, whether in the new construction business or the restoration of roads Inerting and immobilization of contaminated grounds Binding with fresh and salt water and even with organic grounds (earth, silt, clay) possible Reduction in material-, transportation- and construction costs up to 30% possible, due to usability of on-site material and avoiding the transporting away of material Improvement in the elasticity and compressive strength of construction materials Higher resistance to frost Reduction in the water absorbance capacity Stabilization of road embankments Drastic reduction in construction time through faster binding and building process After 24 hours the road is often already passable Usable also without asphalt if needed Also applicable at low temperatures

High Elasticity Frost resistance Soil consolidation

Manufacturer's Description

Nanoalps® System SOIL is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic polymer additive that transforms even unsuitable and earth of inferior quality into valuable construction material. The water soluble material consolidates and stabilizes the earth in combination with hydraulic binders.