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Registration Date 6 Jan 2020
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Construction Masonry Materials

Repair sealant


nanoGARD™ CR-SS has elastomeric properties that make it an excellent sealant for making repairs to built-up asphalt roofs, modified bitumen membrane roofs, prepared metal, concrete, spray polyurethane foam and plywood roof system details. Ideal for sealing flashings, curbs and waterproofing metal roof seams, gutters, fasteners, pinholes in metal and skylights. Excellent for sealing flashings on asphalt BUR roofs and modified bitumen membrane roofs. Ideal for sealing around penetrations and roof top equipment. Use in place of flashing cement for repairs to all types of asphalt roofs prior to applying white coatings.
Plywood Concrete Bitumen Asphalt Polyurethane


• Complies with all V.O.C. requirements and regulations. • Water-borne, non-flammable, odorless and non toxic. • One component - no need to intermix with other materials. • Easy clean-up with water prior to curing. Superior film - forms a durable, weather resistant elastomeric membrane. • Has superior adhesive and cohesive strength. • Fungistatic - formulated for most advanced, state-ofthe-art resistance to mold or mildew growth. • Low temperature flexibility - specially selected internally plasticized polymers impart superior low temperature proper - ties to the coating. • Easy application by brush, roller or spray

Non-toxic Weatherability Durability Odorless High Elasticity Mildew Prevention Mold Resistant Flammable Self-adhesive Water-borne

Manufacturer's Description

nanoGARD™ CR-SS is a nano-modified acrylic elastomeric, water-borne mastic formulated for use on built-up asphalt roofing, modified bitumen membranes and properly prepared metal, concrete, spray polyurethane foam and plywood roof substrates. Its ease of application, superior adhesion, elasticity and durability make nanoGARD™ CR-SS an ideal repair sealant.