Registration Date 14 Jan 2020
Revision Date 14 Jan 2020

TOA Shield-1 Nano Acrylic Alkali Resisting Primer


Construction Masonry Materials



100% Acrylic Emulsion Paint Super Premium Grade made from Acrylic Polymer and High pigment quality by Shield Technology from TOA that arrange small compacted molecule film as a result the film layer can protect the surface from severe weather and show the bright colour with long durability. Mercury & Lead Excluded, User-friendly. Anti-fungus/Algae. High performance on Alkali resistance in mortar that support the topcoat adhesive on surface.

Anti-fungus High Adhesion Acrylic alkali resistant

Manufacturer's Description

It is ideal primer for the new masonry surface where the alkalinility is to the cause of paint defect for the subsequent coating system. Beacuase it is based on a special pure acrylic latex, it effectively resists saponification on lime plaster asbestose cement ot concrete. Typical Use;It is ideal application to both exterior and interior concretes, new and old masonry surface, plasters, brick, asbestos shingles and siding.It is highly recommended for heat protection of building and housing.