Registration Date 14 Jan 2020
Revision Date 14 Jan 2020

UHPC Ultra High Performance Custom Cements


Construction Masonry Materials



Vicon will design custom mixtures for exact specification parameters using diverse cement types, the correct fibers, in the correct dosages and precision casting methods to control water and air permeability as well as ductility and fracture energy. Compared to advanced infrastructure steel/concrete solutions, used in the past 20 years and still within some current specifications; Vicon custom UHPC Cements provide: • A 35% saving in raw materials • A 46% saving in primary energy • A 53% saving in CO2 emissions

Energy saving Strength Raw materials saving CO2 emissions saving

Manufacturer's Description

Vicon Nano Science improves the functionality of concrete. We create solutions within the fields of biomimetic, nanostructured and hierarchical materials which can be combined with fiber-reinforced concrete technologies in order to obtain ultra-high performance concrete UHPC with controllable stress-strain behavior. Vicon launched an avant-garde approach aiming to identify the nano scale phenomena underlying the behavior of concrete.

Our platform serves as a solid foundation for the development of new types of concrete, composed of ultra-high durability, manufactured with increased volumes of by-products, and self-healing materials. In addition, concrete with higher by-product volumes will provide greener economic solutions for the next generation of eco-concrete.

Reducing portland cement content by 50% or more and improving the overall performance of eco-concrete helps to reduce the carbon footprint of structures by 40-65% and, in addition, decrease the use of raw materials required for cement and concrete manufacture.    

Thanks to a greater understanding of the material, it is now possible to produced better-structured concrete, with considerably improved properties compared with those obtained twenty years ago, making it possible to construct even more sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

For example, it is possible to manufacture ultra-high performance concrete, at a fraction of the price of current offerings.  The Vicon cements are more durable and more resistant, allowing previously unheard of structural applications, using self-compacting concretes, which are more esthetic and easier to use on worksites.

Superhydrophobic concrete will establish the top sustainability benchmark and serve as the next technological platform for sustainable development of the concrete industry. Based on this platform, cement content can be reduced by at least 50% and the service life of developed concrete can be radically extended by a factor of 5+, a novel design paradigm for engineering cement-based materials with smart properties, providing the impetus for changing the way engineers design and construct concrete infrastructure.