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P3 Sweetener Liquid Drop


Food Meal

Sweetener Liquid Drop


100% of Cane Starch Extract. 500 times the sweetness of white sugar. 1 point 1 cup. 1 point (0.04 Kcal / 0.03ml) = 2 tablespoons white sugar (32Kcal / 8 grams) Sweet profile is almost like white sugar. Very low in calories (close to zero calories) and carbohydrates Stable at high temperatures. Stable in acidic pH and alkaline pH Functional Carrier Function (FCF) similar to white sugar. Suitable for use in all types of drinks. Suitable for use in all types of cuisine. 100% natural from Cane Extract. Index Glycemic GI = 0 No sucrose, fructose, saccharine, or aspartame. No cholesterol. Decrease blood glucose levels if taken regularly including diabetics. No preservatives and other chemicals. Has various recognition and approval from MOH, UKM Unipeg, HALAL, ISO 9001, HACCP. It helps to regulate and maintain blood sugar levels. Very helpful in controlling weight. May reduce sugar addiction in children and adults. Prevents cavities and gums. Ideal for all ages and families.

Thermal stability PH stability Natural Material Preservatives-free Chemicals-free Low in calories Low in carbohydrates Cholesterol-free Sucrose-free Fructose-free Saccharine-free Aspartame-free

Manufacturer's Description

Sweeteners from sugarcane extract are formulated with Nano Technology. It tastes like white sugar. Ideal as a sugar substitute without changing the taste.