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Multifunctional Cleaner


Used in areas for all Muslim / Non-Muslim Kitchens and Surfaces, with Penetrating Effect, Break Down, Releases and Flush away Bio-Film Bonds (Bacteria/Germs, Blood, Protein, Gelatine, Grease and Contamination) in Preventing Food/Beverage Contamination, Cross Contamination, Re-Contamination from taking place in aqueous and humid environments. Surfaces of equipment used in food and beverage processing and handling are commonly contaminated by microorganisms, even following cleaning and disinfection procedures. Highly recommended for abattoirs, healthcare & hospitality facilities, logistics, and food courts to improve hygiene standards and in relation to halal Toyyiban and Syubhah.
Food industry Hospitals Kitchen


Better Hygiene & In-Depth Cleaning Safe for Occupants & Users Neutral pH, Non-Irritant Extending life of equipment & installations Non-aggressive for the equipment and facilities Cost & Time saving Positive impact on Environment Sustainability - Readily Biodegradable1 Prevents Food Contamination & Spoilage Remove bio-film (jelly), bacteria/fungal/mould on surfaces

Mould Resistance Anti-fungus Non-irritating Bacteria removal Sustainability Strong decontamination Bio-film removal

Manufacturer's Description

It is specifically made and applied to penetrate, breakdown and release Bio-Film (jelly) bonds, fungal, mould, algae from all aqueous environment, such as kitchens, food preparation & processing, bench tops, walls, floors, drain-lines, cracks & crevices where food scrapes are trapped. It is ideal for use in toilets to remove contamination and urine which causes smell and bacteria. It is pH 6.5 - 7.5 and 100% biodegradable. It is safe for all equipment, humans and plumbing systems.

Airestec Bio, Green, Eco & HALAL products consists of 3 components which builds up an army of bio-film eaters and provide advance cleaning with penetration, releasing contaminations from cracks & crevices, pores of surfaces, providing a deep cleaning effect and allowing it to be flushed away easily.

Drain-line blockages, overflow due to solid deposits, which encourages growth of germs, bacteria, smell, damaged construction materials, rat, cockroaches, flies and insect infestation. Design as the vital first step to source removal.