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IGL Coatings ecocoat series


Automotive Maintenance

Nano-Cleaning solution


Paint Plastics Wooden surface Glass Automotive Metals Boats All types of fabrics Marine applications Bicycle Polyurethane Heavy machinery Bbq pits


Our comprehensive range of coatings are easy to use and apply and safer for users health as it has low or Zero Volatile Organic Compounds. The ecocoat series provides ultimate protection by increasing the hydrophobics for water and oil repellency, reducing micro marrings by increasing the durability of the surface. The surface is also protected against chemicals, UV and harsh weathers.

Chemical Stability Soil Repellency UV Protection Eco-friendly Hydrophobe No VOC

Manufacturer's Description

The IGL Coatings  ecocoat products are a series of nano-technology, low and Zero VOC, eco-friendly ceramic coatings. The  IGL Coatings brand of products are currently distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.  The ecocoat series features our signature ecocoat Kenzo, the pioneer 10H pencil rated ceramic coating which provides unmatched protection and gloss that outlasts 12 times traditional waxes. Our ecocoat series provides a comprehensive automotive range suitable for paint, which is rated between 8H to 9H pencil hardness rating, (ecocoat quartz+, ecocoat quartz, ecocoat poly), plastics (ecocoat trim), ppf (ecocoat shield), fabrics (ecocoat fabric), metals (ecocoat wheel), glass (ecocoat window), polyurethane surfaces (ecocoat headlight). It also serves our industrial and marine sectors providing unparellel protection for heavy machinery (ecocoat eclipse), bicycles (ecocoat bike), bbq pits (ecocoat bbq), boats (ecocoat marine) and even wooden surfaces (ecocoat wood).