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NANOWEB Gas Turbine/Dust Collector


Environment Air Remediation

Turbine Inlet Air Filter


The filters in today’s gas turbine intake and dust collection systems must comply with an increasing number of demanding market needs. As the innovative materials leader, H&V offers several products to fulfill your requirements: NANOWEB media greatly improves a filter’s ability to remove particulates from air streams, making it highly attractive for gas turbine filtration and dust collection applications. Durable flame retardants (FR) meet the newest OEM requirements. H&V glass media for stationary gas turbine filter systems are available for efficiency requirements from M6 to H13 (EN779:2012/EN1822) or from MERV 8 to MERV 15 (ASHRAE 52.2). In case of high humidity applications (coastal and off-shore), special media in the above efficiency classes are also available. H&V synthetic media for stationary gas turbine or pulse-cleaning applications in the MERV 11 to MERV 15 range improves durability and lifetime. No curing ovens are required for processing pre-cured acrylic system designs, enabling smaller filter processing line footprints and saving energy. And, our newest design and manufacturing processes provide greater roll-to-roll and lot-to-lot consistency, giving you easier pleater set ups and a more optimized production process. With mills in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, U.K., and China, H&V provides globally consistent products and short supply-chain lead times.
Gas turbines Dust Collector Pulse-cleaning applications


Patented NANOWEB® media offers 500% higher service intervals for pulsed cartridge applications compared to non-fine fiber treated media. Our media offers the ability to fine-tune filter change intervals to match up to your other maintenance timelines. Our market-leading corrugation capabilities (> 20 mils) offer superior dust-holding capacity for lower-cost, higher-service interval filter designs.

Durable flame retardants

Manufacturer's Description

Gas turbine filtration and dust collection systems operate in the most challenging environments imaginable. They require high service intervals and durability against airborne contaminants found in adverse conditions throughout the world. H&V offers the broadest range of pulse-cleaned and static high-performance filter media that set the standard for efficiency and extended life in the toughest environments.