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H&V designs respirator media that dramatically increase wearer comfort. Better airflow through lower resistance makes the respirator more breathable and reduces hot, moist conditions that typically deter respirator use. H&V offers an array of media for respiratory protection: Our new AlphaPerm® media provides 40% lower resistance vs. standard meltblown media and is available to meet NIOS N95 and EU143 and EU159 FFP2 and FFP3 standards after heat aging and paraffin oil loading. Our meltblown media are among the most widely used respirator filter material in the world. They are manufactured to meet the tightest performance specifications to reliably and consistently meet global regulatory standards. If your goal is to produce the most comfortable mask that is cool and easy to breathe through while still meeting global standards, then Technostat is the right choice for your respirator. Technostat and Technostat composites are our premium media for respirator applications. Media are triboelectrically charged to provide the highest efficiency with the lowest resistance. Composites of Technostat and meltblown media are ideal for respirators to meet the NIOSH or EN standard which require liquid particle removal such as NIOSH P95 or P100 classifications. As the leading manufacturer of HEPA microfiberglass media, we recommend glass grades for use in full and half mask respirators with pleated cartridges where mechanical filtration media are required for HEPA and sub HEPA performance. Our Perform® glass media deliver the lowest resistance for a specified efficiency. For odor removal of nuisance organic vapor and gases, H&V offers our MFM™ media. This unique, patented technology combines particulate and gas phase filtration in one media for outstanding adsorption properties. H&V filter media for personal respiratory devices deliver the highest levels of filtration efficiency to make respirators highly effective and comfortable.


H&V's new AlphaPerm® meltblown media provides 40% lower resistance versus standard meltblown. H&V’s Technostat® offers the lowest resistance on the market. Meltblown Technostat composites meet stringent U.S. government NIOSH and European EN 149 standards at 30 to 50% lower resistance than meltblown media alone. Technostat improves wearer comfort for respirators by creating a cooler temperature and better airflow.

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Manufacturer's Description

Respirators are personal air purifiers that protect wearers from inhaling hazardous air. H&V’s cutting-edge filter technology removes unhealthy dust particles, fumes, smoke, mist, organic vapors, and gases to ensure air is clean and safe.