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Registration Date 1 Apr 2020
Revision Date 1 Apr 2020

NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask (NIOSH N95)


Medicine Medical Supplies

Respiratory Mask


Breathability Virus removal Bacteria removal

Manufacturer's Description

The nanofibers are as thin as 0.003% of a single hair allowing for a high specific surface area with high porosity. The unique fibers provide a large catching capacity without compromising breathability. Humans in a sedentary state such as sitting or sleeping consume 6-8 litres of air per minute. Walking we consume 14-26 L/min while jogging more than 40 L/min. Surgical masks commonly seen are only tested against airflow of less than 30L/min so their effectiveness is questionable. The NASK Smart Mask is rigorously tested at 85 L/min to ensure high protection is provided whether at rest or active.

The unique formulation can effectively capture viruses and kill bacteria.

As tested by Nelson Labs (USA), SGS  and the Chinese Academy of Sciences – the NASK Smart Mask can kill 99% of bacteria within 5 minutes, and is the only Bacteria-killing Nanofiber mask currently mass produced.


100% researched, designed and manufactured in Hong Kong;
Out of 30 Nanofiber product manufacturers worldwide, NASK is one of the entities that can apply this Nanofiber Technology for mass production;
The first and only manufacturer in Hong Kong to produce NIOSH approved N95 facemask (Approval No. TC 84A-7761)
The First Nanofiber N95 mask approved by NIOSH
The NASK Nanofiber Technology has been granted Patent by the United States of Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Awarded ISO 13485:2016 (Cert no. 283014-2019-AQ-Rgc-NA-PS) by DnV (GL Presafe AS) Norway
Successfully granted the European Conformity (CE) Certificate (CE 716275 module B and CE 716276 module D) from the UK Notified Body BSI (CE2797) proving that our product (Model M0011) has achieved the performance level of FFP2 in accordance with the Specification of EN149 per requirements from European Regulation EU 2016/425 for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)