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N95 removes 95% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter, N99 removes 99% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter, and N100 removes 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger which qualifies as a HE or HEPA quality type filter.

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Manufacturer's Description

With the recent development of the Covid-19 pandemic, Verdex Technologies believes it has the technology to innovate a face mask technology/media that can target and capture the Coronavirus ensuring people can protect themselves effectively from contracting the virus.

Verdex has gathered a very reputable team of experts and professionals such as virologists, biologists, scientists, chemists and engineers to help deliver a working solution to protect everyone from the pandemic. Verdex’s sole purpose is to innovate a face mask technology that is able to do what no other face mask on the market can do right now, and that is to protect people from the current Coronavirus, and other more commonly known viruses such as the flu.

Understanding Current Face Mask Technology: Current face mask technology has to meet certain standards for certain applications. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has stipulated these standards such as N95, N99, N100 face mask certifications. 

Understanding the Coronavirus: The size of the Coronavirus ranges from 0.05 to 0.1 microns (50-100 nanometers). This highlights the very alarming realization that all the current standards set out by NIOSH does not have any standards for face mask technology that actually tests for this much smaller level of filtration (50-100 nanometers). Therefore, all the face masks that are currently being marketed for protecting people from the Coronavirus, do not work or best marginally effective. Yes, it is safe to say that wearing a face mask is better than not wearing a face mask, but it is not safe to say that they are effective in protecting you from contracting the virus.

The Verdex Process technology is a very unique proprietary technology that has the potential to solve the inherent problems that exist with current face mask technology, and the way that they are manufactured. In order to try and target a virus, you must first be able to have technology that can attract and capture the virus, or target and repel the virus.

Why Current Manufacturers Can’t Solve This Problem: In order to “functionalize” face mask fibers with a particulate capable of targeting and capturing the virus, you would first need a technology that has the ability to entangle/functionalize miniscule particulates in the range of 30-60 microns within the fibrous array. Current technologies are not capable of this level of functionalization.

How The Verdex Process Can Solve This Problem: Verdex’s proprietary process is based not only on being able to spin nanofibers in a highly effective 3-D format (increased ‘loft’), but it has also the very unique capability of being to functionalize the nanofibers with minuscule particulates (30-60 microns) that have the ability to target and capture deadly diseases such as the coronavirus and other harmful viruses.

The Verdex functionalization process allows you to feed in powders/particulates at the same time the fibers are being formed. This means that as the hot fibers are being formed, the powders/particulates naturally stick to the hot fibers ensuring maximum capture and containment within the structure. If you tried to do this with other fibrous technologies, the particulates would fall out, and in the case of a face mask, the person would breathe in the loose particulates potentially causing serious harm. Whereby using our process, the particulates are stuck, entangled and embedded to the fibrous structure ensuring maximum containment.

Verdex believes it has the technology to disrupt the face mask industry by delivering a face mask like no other, which would be the first face mask of its kind to target and capture a virus. We now need to prove we can make it happen.

We have engaged with a laboratory who will implement a new and much needed testing procedure that will actually test for particulates below 300 nanometers, including viruses such as the Coronavirus (50-100 nanometers).  In other words, a test that emulates an environment such as the spread of the Coronavirus, that will test our face mask structure against the current N95/N100 ‘gold standard’ to prove or disprove we have the technology to be successful in targeting and capturing the Coronavirus within our media.