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Respiratory Mask




Meets / exceeds P2, N95, AS1716 standards Natural coconut shell carbon matrix 99.99% filtration of particulates at PM2.5 Fashionable for style-conscious citizens Contour-fitting air seal prevents leakage Adjustable ear loops for a perfect fit Chin-wrap secures mask even with beards Quick to put on super comfortable to wear Organic fabrics with natural plant dyes

Breathability Eco-friendly Recyclability

Manufacturer's Description

Metamasks feature Italian unisex design, New Zealand innovation and superb Balinese craftsmanship, blending natural, organic & sustainable materials and an exclusive nano-coco-carbon™ filter that provides maximum protection from all types of pollution. 

Revolution Fibres is a world leading NZ nanotechnology company and our close partner, developing advanced filtration solutions to provide the highest protection possible from dust, ash, smoke, fumes, exhaust, odours, allergens, bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Nanofibres are incredibly small fibres – thousands of times thinner than a human hair. Nanofibres form spiderweb-like structures which have an advantage over conventional or even natural filters due to their massive surface area, large pore numbers and tiny pore size. Each mask filter is estimated to contain over 25km of nanofibre in an area less than 1mm thick!

Because of this our nanofiber filters capture much smaller particles than other synthetic or natural materials with a lower 'pressure drop' making Metamasks more breathable than any other mask on the market.

The unique combination of naturally produced coconut shell carbon and nanofiber matrix allows an extremely thin membrane (less than 1mm) that prevents up to 99.99% of toxic airborne pollution from entering the body and causing potentially dangerous health problems.
For more enlightened customers we offer our Crystal Infused eco-friendly ink printed 'Flower of Life' mask, made with sustainably grown TENCEL fabric made from Eucalyptus. Research studies have show the potential for crystals to mitigate EMF radiation from exposure to devices, wifi and toxic 5G transponders.