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Registration Date 1 Apr 2020
Revision Date 1 Apr 2020

Nanofiber mask


Medicine Medical Supplies

Respiratory Mask


Coronavirus COVID-19


Durability Virus removal Disposability

Manufacturer's Description

YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. has developed and manufactured nanofiber mask inner sheets using "YAMASHIN Nano Filter™“, in-house developed nanofibers made from synthetic polymers.

We have developed “YAMASHIN Nano Filter™” primarily to utilize for production of hydraulic filters for construction machineries. However, inspired by its long-lasting trapping power, this time we have used this new material to produce the world‘s first nanofiber mask inner sheets. These mask sheets are to mainly used by our employees firstly, hoping that these sheets will help reduce the impact of the shortage of masks.

Many of the commonly used disposable masks on the market trap dust and viruses by static electricity. Due to the high moisture absorption from exhaled breath and extended use, the collection performance of those masks greatly reduces over time. Our nanofiber mask inner sheet has a 3D structure made of extremely thin fibers less than one-tenth of general synthetic fibers, which has super-high trapping properties. In-house tests have proven that our mask inner sheet shows almost no decrease in collection performance even after long-term use because there is no dependence on static electricity. (Assuming that new masks ‘ collection performance is 100%, the performance of the commercially available surgical mask A drops to 35% after 24 hours, while the performance of the nanofiber mask inner sheet is maintained at 91% or more).