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Medicine Disinfection

Surface sanitizer


Glass ​ Ceramics Porcelain Noble metals (aluminum, stainless steel, brass, gold) Plastics, made from e.g. PMMA, ABS, ECTFE, HDPE, LDPE, PA, PC, PMP, PP, PS,PVC, SAN or SI Varnishes Printed cardboard and wrapping Phones, LCD, AMOLED Toilets Water dispensers Steering wheel Medicine tools Nursing facilities Door knobs Slot machines Handrails Elevators e.t.c.
Plastics Glass Metals Toilets LCD display Door knobs Wheel Ceramic LED display Cell Phones Varnishes Water Dispenser Systems Elevator Coronavirus


Safe anti-bacterial functionality – presence can be verified using a marker Prevents microbial odors Permanent fungicidal function Deprives house dust mites of food Prevents mold growth on smooth and textured surfaces Prevents micro scratches & reduces damage by improving the friction coefficient Facilitates cleaning and removal of limescale, soot, grease, dust etc. Promotes comfort, well-being and safety Free from halogens (especially fluorine, PBT/vPvB- & SVHC-substances) NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® reduces surface energy. NANO4-HYGIENELIFE® technology facilitates the removal of dirt and biological deposits as well as soap residues and inorganic dirt. By forming an ultra-thin layer of glass, NANO4-HYGIENELIFE® protects, among other things, against micro-scratches 9H. Under mechanical abrasion, the protective layer is abraded before the substrate is damaged. A unique GLIDE function, ensures that any abrasive contact materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces. Protected surfaces take on a measurably higher degree of hardness (3 levels of pencil hardness). The surface is first cleaned and polymerized (step 1). Subsequently, the modified silica delivers a safe and permanent antimicrobial function (step 2). A non-migrating antimicrobial glass layer is created. NANO4-HYGIENELIFE® is suitable for all glossy surfaces*

Anti-bacterial Activity Scratch Resistance Invisibility Antiodor Mold Resistant Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

Coronavirus! Spray your surfaces and kill 99,99% all virus for 3 years protection. Through by spraying and wipe application, NANO4-HYGIENELIFE® preserves and therefore retains the value of any item. Additionally, the invisible seal of amorphous glass protects your most valuable assets: health and well-being.

The technology behind NANO4-HYGIENENLIFE®  provides an immediately microbial kill and in comparison to other convenient products NANO4-HYGIENENLIFE®  is non-mutagenic and safe-to use as no halogens or SVHC are present.  Please click here  and read carefully all the test reports regarding the results which confirm that the NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE kills the 99,99% of the bacteria and virus.

Once NANO4-HYGIENENLIFE® is applied on the surface, a layer of “swords” is present. Due to the positively charge of the “swords” the negatively charged membrane of the microorganisms is attracted and once it gets in contact with the “sword” the cells will be punctured what leads to cell dead. Thus, NANO4-HYGIENENLIFE®  does not kill the cells by interfering with the metabolism (the product is not absorbed by the cells and works from the inside), it is a physical effect by which the cells are immediately killed once they touched the surface.

Based on the conditions that were set (following the standard which was used to perform the testing) about 10^5 cells were used. After 24 h 99,999 % were killed. Since a high amount of cells was used, it takes some time until every cell reaches the surface (since they might be cells on top of other cells).

Looking at those results, we always get questions like “Why does it take 24 h until all cells are killed?” or “Is there no option that the effect will be faster”. The reason why it takes 24 h to kill all cells is based on the high amount of cells that are present. As already mentioned, if a high concentration of cells is present, it takes some time until very single cell touches the surface. This means, if less cells are present, the effect (kill rate of 99,999 %) will be faster. The reason why this high load of cells was used is based on the fact that we have to follow the conditions of the standard to gain standardized results. Nonetheless, to prove, that the theory of “the more cells are present, the slower the effect” is right, we performed a testing with adjusted cell conditions – conditions that mirror real-life.