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MinION sequencer


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Genome sequencer


Coronavirus COVID-19 DNA/RNA sequencing


Pocket-sized, portable device for biological analysis Up to 512 nanopore channels Simple 10-min sample prep available Real-time analysis for rapid, efficient workflows Adaptable to direct DNA or RNA sequencing MinIT available to support IT/software needs

Portable Real-time device

Manufacturer's Description

MinION is the only portable, real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing, putting you in control of your sequence data.
Each consumable flow cell can now generate as much as 30 Gb of DNA sequence data or 7-12 million reads if you are analysing RNA. Ultra-long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb) as you can choose your fragment length. The MinION streams data in real time so that analysis can be performed during the experiment and workflows are fully versatile.

The MinION weighs under 100 g and plugs into a PC or laptop using a high-speed USB 3.0 cable, or used alongside the MinIT device for real-time, powerful analyses.  Not constrained to a laboratory environment, it has been used up a mountain, in a jungle, in the arctic and on the International Space Station.

The MinION is commercially available, simply by paying a starter-pack fee of $1,000. The MinION starter pack includes materials you need to run initial sequencing experiments, including a MinION device, flow cells and kits, as well as membership of the Nanopore Community.