Registration Date 15 Apr 2020
Revision Date 15 Apr 2020

Transparent protectors


Medicine Disinfection



NPD Conjectured

Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7
NPD Conjectured


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Marbles Concrete Glass Wood Fabric Coronavirus COVID-19


Anti-bacterial Activity Self-sterilizing Transparency Durability Disinfection Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

This is a new industrial brand that offers global wellness projects, intended to improve daily life starting from its fundamental building blocks: the home and work environment.

The overall view is the main quality of the NanoTech Surface proposal: a complete and articulated project, aimed at ensuring the best livability of the confined spaces through the elimination of any polluting, particle, viral, contaminating and electromagnetic element.

The global NanoTech Surface offer is a work in progress, a continuous research that combines different materials and solutions to guarantee a new quality of living and living. Far from any mass media excess, the NanoTech Surface approach is a scientific, pragmatic environmentalism dedicated to large-scale applications. Simplicity is the basis of every proposal: the most basic chemical reactions lead to surprising results, technologies consolidated on the market for some time now discover new areas of use.

Safety is another aspect of NanoTech Surface research, with proposals ranging from fire-heat-water defense solutions to absolutely innovative projects, which use new materials to expand the possibilities of rescue and environmental remediation technologies. A broad reality, capable of looking at the contemporary world in its entirety, beyond any sector, and proposing new ideas to improve it.

As a key measure taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Italy, Milan’s buildings are being disinfected with a special nanotechnology-based solution developed using titanium dioxide and silver ions by Nanotech Surface.