Registration Date 16 Apr 2020
Revision Date 16 Apr 2020

Clearcurrent SP Nano cartridge


Environment Air Remediation

Turbine Inlet Air Filter


Gas Turbine filtration Designed to fit a range of new and retrofit systems in cross-flow configurations and available in various sizes and materials in both cylindrical and conical styles
Gas turbines


• Excellent sub-micron particulate removal efficiency reduces compressor fouling and lengthens intervals between water washes • Low initial and operational pressure drop helps increase turbine output and/or enhances fuel efficiency • Positive sealing arrangement eliminates unfiltered air bypass in the system • Specifically designed for high-dust applications

Water resistance Particulate removal High dust-holding capacity

Manufacturer's Description

The clearcurrent® SP Nano cartridge is a fully synthetic and water-resistant filter with high dust-holding capacity and nanofiber for increased efficiency.

The clearcurrent SP Nano cartridge filter maintains gas turbine inlet air quality and extends filter operating life in the most challenging environments, including desert locations. Filtration and pressure loss characteristics remain optimized whether the filter is operating in wet or dry conditions, and at high and low levels of humidity. The element has been tested to, and complies with, a wide range of industry specifications for gas turbine inlet filtration.

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