Registration Date 17 Apr 2020
Revision Date 17 Apr 2020

Bodi Energy's Non-Flammable Electrolyte


Renewable Energies Batteries

Lithium-ion battery electrolyte


Lithium-ion batteries


Thermal stability Non-flammable High electron transport rate High energy density

Manufacturer's Description

Bodi Energy is commercializing the first non-flammable electrolyte/separator system that has a high rate of charge and discharge, can be spray coated directly on either electrode and is cost competitive with conventional polyolefin separators. 

Bodi Energy has developed and piloted electrodeposition technologies that have proven capable of mass manufacturing highly tunable nanoscale materials.

Bodi’s R&D team has engineered a nanoscale ceramic component into a polymer nanofiber matrix that establishes a unique ion transport mechanism for lithium ions to go through the surface of the separator material and not rely on the pores for conductivity. Consequently, thinner separator materials would increase rate capability and volumetric energy density of the battery cell.

Manufacturing ceramic material components for lithium ion batteries has proven challenging. Bodi’s capabilities to process ceramics and polymers into co-continuous materials is game changing. We have built pilot plant manufacturing that has demonstrated our ability to mass produce our materials without defects and at costs competitive with polyolefin separators.