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CdTe Solar Modules


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Cadmium telluride

CdTe Ultra-thin Film CAS Number : 1306-25-8


Residential Roofing


CdTe solar panels are also the most industry and academically tested technology and the most durable solar technology on the market. Several other key benefits include: Lowest cost to manufacture Fastest energy payback Lowest carbon footprint

Thermal stability Non-yellowing High performance Utilizing entire visible light spectrum Working in shaded environments Fast energy payback Low carbon footprint

Manufacturer's Description

Toledo Solar is the manufacturer of CdTe thin film PV for both residential and commercial rooftop markets. We offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty with simple and robust support for installers and homeowners alike. 

Our hermetically sealed, frameless all-glass construction creates the most beautiful and long-lasting solar panels on the market today. These Tier 1 16.5% factory gate efficiency solar panels boast superior performance in warm climates and utilize the entire visible spectrum of the sun.

More than 90% of the world’s Silicon-based (Si) solar is manufactured by Chinese companies. And, there are several disadvantages with this type of solar technology. Si Solar cells are soldered, which causes many points of failure leading to fragile end-products that are easily damaged by hail, during installation and even the shipping process itself. On top of that, UV exposure causes degradation due to yellowing of the films inside the panel. And, most Si manufacturer warranties are difficult to enforce. On the other hand, CdTe thin film solar panels offer many key benefits and provide up to 10% more power output over a lifetime than Si based panels. They feature an all black, all glass design and utilize the entire visible light spectrum. CdTe panels perform better than Si panels in warm and hot climates, and outperform Si panels in shaded and cloudy environments.