Registration Date 27 Aug 2020
Revision Date 27 Aug 2020

ROS Detector in Sputum Sample (RDSS)


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ROS Detector


Coronavirus detection COVID-19 detection Respiratory diseases detection Asthma detection Acute pneumonia of patients In-vitro diagnosis


Real-time detection Portable automatic board Disposable sensor Rapid sputum test

Manufacturer's Description

ROS Detector of Sputum Sample (RDSS) system includes a ROS / H2O2 electrochemical system (Patent pub. No .: US2018 / 0299401 A1, Pub. Date: Oct. 18, 2018), which is consists of an integrated portable automatic board with an electrochemical reading system and a disposable sensor. Also, the software was designed based on experimental calibration to analyze the data and determine whether the responses to the samples of COVID-19 or respiratory diseases such as asthma and acute pneumonia of any patients were positive or negative. This ROS diagnostic system provides a flexible and straightforward way for physicians to use it quickly and accurately as an in-vitro diagnosis device, and they can use it in laboratories or clinics. For measuring the electrochemical response of patient samples, the device uses voltage potentials in the range of -0.8 to +0.8 volts and a scanning speed of 100 mV / s as standard optimal parameters in biological experiments.