Registration Date 27 Oct 2020
Revision Date 27 Oct 2020

Antibacterial acrylate-urethane varnish containing nanometer components


Construction Masonry Materials



Coating the building facade Coating of hospital equipment Coating water tanks and heating and cooling systems Coating of equipment inside the ambulance
Hospitals Facades Water tanks Ambulance Cooling systems Heating systems


Anti-bacterial Anti-humidity and waterproof Resistant to chemical agents such as salts, fats Transparent, colorless and glossy surfaces Applicable to all horizontal, inclined and vertical surfaces Washable with water and household detergents Easy maintenance and low cost

Anti-bacterial Activity Washability Chemical resistance Waterproof Humidity resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Today, it is important to protect the exterior surfaces of various equipment and parts, cars, building facades and home and hospital appliances against harmful environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals and dust and all kinds of rays in the environment such as sunlight. Depending on the environment in which the equipment is used, it is possible for bacteria and germs to grow and proliferate and even become resistant to disinfectants. In hospitals, for example, some microorganisms become resistant to antibiotics and continue to grow and multiply. Prevention of contamination of the surface of parts by microbes and bacteria can be done by applying antibacterial coatings containing nanometer component. For example, nanoparticles having high specific area react with the bacterial outer membrane, causing structural changes inside the bacterium and eventually destroying it. Nowadays, the use of nanoparticles as an additive in the manufacturing of coatings is considered as a way to obtain the mentioned properties.