Registration Date 28 Oct 2020
Revision Date 28 Oct 2020

Facade Protection Against UV Rays Lacquer


Construction Structural Materials

UV protective coating


Coating of building facade made of PVC, polyethylene and MDF
PVC MDF sheets


UV resistance Anti-bacterial Cheap, light, and easy to install Anti-humidity and waterproof Anti-shock Resistant to chemical agents such as salts, fats Applicable to all horizontal, inclined and vertical surfaces

Anti-bacterial Activity UV Protection Lightweight Chemical resistance Shockproof

Manufacturer's Description

Today it is important to protect the exterior surfaces of various equipment and parts, automobiles, and building facades against damaging environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals, dust and all types of radiation such as sunlight. One of the most important environmental destructive agents for surfaces exposed to sunlight is UV radiation. This electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelengths and more energy than visible light and accounts for about 10% of all sunlight emitted. Today, due to increased environmental pollution and depletion of the ozone layer, UV radiation passes more through the Earth's atmosphere and destroyed more surfaces in urban life such as the exterior of buildings made of various materials like metals, ceramics, wood or polymers. This degradation can occur in the form of decay, discoloration or yellowing on the facade of the building or any other area exposed to UV radiation. One way to protect surfaces against UV radiation is to apply surface coatings. These polymer-based coatings are used seamlessly for the purpose of waterproofing and for increasing the UV resistance.