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Revision Date 28 Oct 2020

Antibacterial Fabric


Textile Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics

Anti-bacterial Fabric


Antibacterial polyester and acrylic fabrics using as blankets in airlines.


Using nanoparticles to achieve antibacterial properties

Anti-bacterial Activity Recyclability

Manufacturer's Description

Most of blankets used in airplanes are washed and reused. Some others are made of recyclable materials and then are recycled. These blankets are washed in industrial dry cleaning machines. These light blankets which usually have suitable warming feature are often made of good quality materials due to their continuous usage in airplanes. They may get bacteria and microbes by passengers’ usages. These bacteria and microbes are not eliminated through washing and they may cause illness for the next individuals who use them. The present product is made of polyester and acrylic fabrics, adding nanoparticles to achieve antibacterial properties in order to overcome the mentioned problem. The extremely small size of nanoparticles results in the particles having a large surface area relative to their volume. In the case of this product’s nanoparticles, this allows them to easily interact with other particles and increases their antibacterial efficiency. All bacteria use an enzyme in order to metabolize oxygen. Nanoparticles cripple the enzyme and stop the take up of oxygen. This causes the killing of bacteria.