Registration Date 28 Oct 2020
Revision Date 28 Oct 2020

Conductive Paste Rear Windshield Heater


Automotive Maintenance

Windshield film


Heater circuit on the rear windshield in automobile


Heat conductivity Electrical resistance reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Conductive materials are available in a variety of forms, such as metal wires and sheets, conductive yarns, conductive dyes, conductive liquids and dough, and have a variety of applications. Conductive dough is made of a combination of heavy and non-ferrous precious metals and is widely used in various industries, especially electronics. Silver dough is one of the most common conductive materials used in the manufacture of solar and photovoltaic panels, mobile electrical circuits as well as heating circuits in land, rail, marine and air transportation. It is one of the basic requirements of automakers and automotive glass makers to print the heater circuit on the rear windshield and produce automotive safety glass. In cold weather due to condensation process there will be drop water on the car glasses which can affect driver’s vision and may cause an accident. This is more possible on the back glass of the car due to being far away from the heater. The use of nanoparticles in conductive dough reduces the electrical resistance and consequently increases the current transfer efficiency of these materials.