Registration Date 28 Oct 2020
Revision Date 28 Oct 2020

Antibacterial Water Purifier Filter Body


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Filter


Body of water purifier filter


Contains nanoparticles Anti-bacterial No need for UV Anti-color, Anti-odor and Anti-bad taste of water

Anti-bacterial Activity Antiodor Anti-color

Manufacturer's Description

There is access to safe drinking water in many cities around the world, but contamination can occur during water transfer and in pipes. There is a virtual limit for each contamination, the amount of which should not be exceeded. Using water purifier system to remove such contaminants is a common way. The home purifier uses a variety of methods, such as sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, and ion exchange to improve water quality. These devices consist of various components such as water purifier base, filter chamber, water purifier switch, water purifier tank, barometer, water flow limiter, filter clamp and water purification hose. In the water purification process, the filter chamber is also exposed to contaminants. As a result, the use of antibacterial materials in the construction of the body of the chamber can help improve the quality of treated water. In order to make the body of the filter with antibacterial properties, polymeric materials containing nanoparticles such as silver or zinc oxide can be used.