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Registration Date 23 Nov 2020
Revision Date 23 Nov 2020

Granite Stone Nano Colloidal hydrophobic coating


Construction Masonry Materials



creating hydrophobic stone surfaces
Surface Coatings


Hydrophobic Inhibition of changing the appearance of stone surface Without chemical and harmful effect Easy to clean Durable water repellent Long-term stability Prevent the growth of fungi on the stone surface


Manufacturer's Description

Stone is one of the most widely used building materials that has various applications in the exterior and interior of structures and  bathrooms. Water and moisture from rain and washing are absorbed by the stone and can lead to disadvantages such as decay and reduced mechanical properties and change the appearance of the stone and structure. Preventing water from penetrating into the stone has always been considered by active companies in the field of construction materials and various methods have been studied and used for this purpose. Although this is provided to some extent by the application of traditional coatings, it does not have the necessary performance, because these coatings form a layer that turns yellow in the sun and, more importantly, adversely affect the breathability of the stone or in other words, the amount of moisture leaving the facade. As a proper alternative to traditional paints, water-repellent nanocoatings significantly help to extend the life and maintain the beauty of the stone. Colloids containing nanoparticles create a hydrophobic coating on the surface, preventing the damaging effects of dandruff, weathering and discoloration, and increasing the life of the stone. Applying these coatings prevents water particles from sticking to the surface and also separates soil or dirt particles by water droplets from the surface.