Registration Date 23 Nov 2020
Revision Date 23 Nov 2020

Nanoxin Typical Mask containing Nano-PAN Fibers


Medicine Medical Supplies

Respiratory Mask


The main usage of this mask is in clinics and hospitals for nurses and doctors and other personnel and also patients. Also, this mask can be used in hairdressers, public areas and commuting in infected air.


This mask contains 5 layer which their characteristics from inner to outer layer respectively are as follows: A layer of 20g PP spunbond as a supportive inner layer (for more comfortability) A layer of 40g spunbond A layer of Nanofibers coated on spunbond in order to filter Nanoparticles A layer of 17g meltblown as a filter for microparticles A layer of 40g spunbond Besides this mask has valve and the tension of mask on face can be adjusted using its band.

Manufacturer's Description

Nowadays masks utilization has grown up because of fresh air necessity. In places with high air pollution factors like factories, clinics, hospitals and polluted cities, mask usage seems vital. Dust absorbance efficiency and pressure drop are among the most effective specifications of a mask performance. Aggregation of humidity and heat as a result of users exhale has negative effects on mask performance. In this product the mentioned problem has been solved and it can be placed on face in a suitable way using its adjustable bands. Nowadays masks performance in dust absorption and pressure drop is much more improved using Nanotechnology. Nanoxin medical mask is designed for medical environment applications with higher level of dust absorption in comparison with usual masks. Due to Nano and sub-Nano pores structure, this mask can be used as a barrier against different kinds of pathogenic factors in medical environment like hospitals and operation rooms.