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Antibacterial cotton Feeding Pillow


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Feeding pillow


Antibacterial Free of allergenic fibers Soft and tender Light In different colors and designs Removable on both sides to change the baby's position Adjustable strap Easy to wash The antibacterial activity of nanoparticles in the production of Feeding Pillow prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The antibacterial effect of the particles used in this product increases dramatically on the nanometer scale so that it is able to kill various types of bacteria.

Anti-bacterial Activity Lightweight Soft Easy to wash Allergenic fibers-free Tender Adjustable strap

Manufacturer's Description

Breastfeeding is a memorable process for both mother and baby and can take up to 30 minutes. This process is associated with difficulties that can remained well in the child's mind. Therefore, it is important to create suitable and comfortable conditions for breastfeeding the baby. Breastfeeding conditions should be such that the least pressure is applied to the baby's hands and back, and the mother has complete control over all the baby's feeding behaviors and is not afraid of the baby falling and similar events.

A good solution is to use breastfeeding pillows that the mother can easily breastfeed while sitting on the seat of the house or car. Breastfeeding pillows are suitable for mothers who are breastfeeding naturally or using formula, helping the baby to sit, avoiding baby reflux, and supporting the baby's back, neck and spine during feeding. It also helps the mother to breastfeed her beloved baby without bending and pressing on the back.

The presence of moisture in the breastfeeding process provides the conditions for the growth and multiplication of fungi and bacteria, and due to the contact of the baby's head and face with the pillow and also the possibility of contamination of the mother's body with bacteria, the use of fabric with antibacterial properties in production is so important. Nowadays, it is possible to provide antibacterial properties by using nanoparticles that are present in the coating applied to the surface of the fabric or in the internal structure of the fabric in the production process. The nanoparticles in contact with the bacterium weaken its outer membrane and destroy it. Taravat Ofogh Zandegi Company has provided the possibility of breastfeeding the baby in a comfortable and bacterial-free condition by using antibacterial cotton cloth in the production of breastfeeding pillows.