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Antibacterial cotton baby clothes


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Baby clothes


Antibacterial Baby clothes
Baby clothes


Antibacterial Free of allergenic fibers Soft and tender In different colors and designs

Anti-bacterial Activity Soft Allergenic fibers-free Tender

Manufacturer's Description

Pregnancy is a beautiful and enjoyable period for parents, especially mother. After the birth of a beloved baby, creating comfort and tranquility for him is the most important concern of parents. One of the most important factors that parents should consider is choosing the right clothes for the baby. In choosing baby clothes, factors such as the type of fabric, the comfort of the clothes, the collar of the clothes and its design and color are important. Baby clothes are produced in different types. Due to the contact of the clothes with the baby's body, as well as the possibility of the baby biting the clothes and transferring moisture from the mouth to the clothes, and the possibility of absorbing microbes and bacteria in the environment on the surface of the clothes, the clothes need to be washed regularly and using antibacterial fabrics is necessary.

It is possible to provide antibacterial properties by using nanoparticles that are present in the coating applied to the surface of the fabric or are introduced into the internal structure of the fabric in the production process. Nanoparticles in contact with the bacterium weaken its outer membrane and destroy it. Taravat Ofogh-e Zendegi Company, using antibacterial cotton fabric in the production of baby clothes, has brought one of the necessary conditions for the baby's health.