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Antibacterial Nest


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Nest of the child
Nest of the child


Anti-bacterial Light Free of allergenic fibers The antibacterial activity of nanoparticles in the production of Nest prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The antibacterial effect of the particles used in this product increases dramatically on the nanometer scale so that it is able to kill various types of bacteria.

Anti-bacterial Activity Lightweight Waterproof Allergenic fibers-free

Manufacturer's Description

Today, the baby's nest is used to provide restful sleeping conditions as well as to simulate the movement of the baby's body in the mother's womb. Restful sleep, ease of transportation and a sense of security for the baby is an achievement that a good nest can bring.

The baby lying in the nest is at the closest distance to his parents and will be full of security and comfort during transportation. The nest puts the baby's body in the best position and creates a state of calm and self-regulation for him and provides better conditions for the development of the nervous and behavioral system compared to other babies. A baby nest is also important for improving the growth conditions of premature babies. These babies do not develop due to premature birth and part of the completion of these babies is done outside the mother's womb, which is challenging due to allergies and problems of being premature.

Babies in the mother's womb help strengthen their muscles by kicking, which in premature babies has not done and they have weak muscles. Hence, Taravat Ofogh Zendegi company has produced a baby nest that is similar to a cradle and resembles the mother's womb. This nest gives the baby the opportunity to strengthen its muscles by kicking in it.

Due to the fact that premature babies have very thin and vulnerable skin, they should be taken extra care because any wounds or skin damage can be dangerous for these babies because they are more vulnerable to the environment, bacteria and infections. The fabrics used in present baby nest, due to the use of nanomaterials, has antibacterial, soft and waterproof properties and thus create a suitable environment for the growth of premature babies. The nanomaterials used in baby nest cotton fabric provide antifungal and antibacterial properties by reacting with the bacterial outer membrane.