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Antibacterial Light Free of allergenic fibers he antibacterial activity of nanoparticles in the production of Hug care clothes prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The antibacterial effect of the particles used in this product increases dramatically on the nanometer scale so that it is able to kill various types of bacteria.

Anti-bacterial Activity Lightweight Allergenic fibers-free

Manufacturer's Description

Skin contact in which the baby's body is in contact with the skin of the mother or father's body is known as Kangaroo Mother Care and is able to provide a unique feeling for the baby and his mother or father. Embrace care is an emotional, natural and easy method of care in which the baby is placed in skin-to-skin contact on the breasts of parents, especially the mother.

Some babies are born prematurely before the 40th week of pregnancy and, despite their weaknesses, are prone to infectious diseases. These babies leave the mother's womb prematurely, and they must be kept in a special environment called an incubator. Embrace caring for premature babies is easier, less expensive and more effective than keeping them in an incubator.

In the embrace care method, immediately after delivery and in the same room, the premature baby is placed in the middle of the mother's breast and the first communication is established, which in addition to normal growth, providing emotional feelings of both parties, early discharge from the hospital, applicability in the hospital and possibility to continue at home. In this type of care, the mother's hug, regulates body temperature, stabilizes the heart rate, and regulates the baby's breathing.  The special clothes of this method in the world are in the form of a towel that can be placed in the shape of a child's triangle, but in our country, in terms of hijab and more security, clothes are designed similar to Japanese kimono. This method can be used until the baby is 6 months old.

With this clothe, the baby wears only one diaper and is placed between the two breasts of the parent, and for a few minutes, the sound of the heartbeat of the mother or father and the warmth of their skin will be experienced. Due to the sensitivity of infants' skin to germs and bacteria, the fabric used in the manufacture of the company's hug care clothe has been made with antibacterial properties using nanoparticles.