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Antibacterial handbag


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Fabric handbag
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Anti-bacterial Free of allergenic fibers Delicate and very soft Light In different designs and colors Washable with cold water and mild detergent Nanoparticles are a powerful antimicrobial agent that can kill a wide range of microbes. The antibacterial effect increases dramatically in the nanometer scale, as they are able to kill more than 650 types of bacteria.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Lightweight Soft Allergenic fibers-free Tender

Manufacturer's Description

Fabric bags in different sizes and designs are used for transporting and packing goods, especially in stores. Vendors print their brand name or logo on this bag and give it to customers. In the production of fabric bags, various materials are used, such as nonwoven fabrics, and in addition to high production speed, it leads to a reasonable price. Production with high volume and speed, very low price, easy recycling and a wide range of products that can be produced with these textiles are the reasons for the increasing popularity of this human invention. Non-woven fabric is a type of fabric in which the fibers are directed separately and in parallel or randomly and spidery and are mixed together, and bonding operations are performed on them. Fiber bonding is done by methods such as needling (NEEDLING MACHINE) or using glue (CHEMICAL BONDING). Due to the contact of the hand bag with different materials and also its placement on the ground or inside the car, it is possible to absorb contaminants and bacteria on its surface. Due to the contact of the hand with the fabric bag as well as the movement of food using it, it is necessary to fight the bacteria. The use of nanoparticles in the internal structure of the spun bond used in the production of handbags, leads to its antibacterial properties.