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Revision Date 21 Jan 2021

Car engine wash with dust protection


Automotive Maintenance

Engine Cleaner


Car washing for cleaning car exterior parts Appropriate for both gas and gasoline engines
Car Gasoline Engine Diesel Engine


Containing nano-particles Anti-static Dust and grease cleaning Reducing dust adsorption due to anti-static properties No scratch formation on car motor Non-toxic Environmentally-friendly Due to presence of nanoparticles in internal structures of car washing machine, fantastic cleaning properties appeared in such materials that can remove dust, grease, stain, oil and smoke quickly and completely.

Non-toxic Environmentally Friendly Anti-static Anti-septic Dust removal Non-scratching Waterless Oil removal Grease removal Germs removal Smoke removel

Manufacturer's Description

Cleanliness of car different parts such as motor, body and interior portions is with many benefits in maintenance and elongation of car lifetime. Because of motor contact with dust, moisture as well as grease, it may need to be washed that for a better performance as such dirt can injure interior and exterior sections of the car. Avoiding water usage during car washing leads to appearance of some problems like part corrosion. In this regard, some products such as sprays, solutions and shampoos have been used for washing of motors. In selection of car washing materials, factors such as anti-static properties have be taken into account for dust de-cohesion as well as grease and oil dissolving ability. Application of nano particles in the internal structure of motor washing solutions can cause anti-static behavior that diffuse into surfaces with nano-metric and attach dirt to tissue string by formation of tangled strings. Hence, the nano-sized invisible masses can be easily removed from superficial zones. The significant remark in using nano-materials is their easy usage with no need for water during washing.