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Natural gas filter to improve the particle filtration efficiency


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The filter produced by Azad Filter Company is used in gas transmission lines and filtration units of gas stations, which has the ability to separate solid particles from the passing gas fluid. These types of filters are produced for particle monitoring with different dimensions with working classes of 150 to 600.
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In the filters of this company, the support lace layer is also used to increase the resistance of the filter media to gas pressure. All filters produced by this company are produced with internal spiral guard, which increases the resistance of the internal guard against pressure. Interesting features of these filters include low pressure drop, high efficiency, longer life and higher flow rate than Nano-coating free filters. To make these Nano filters, special cellulosic papers are used on which synthetic polymer fibers are placed and then nanofibers are added to this product. Other features of this product include the following: Easy to install and clean Designed for natural gas In different types of cellulose (Cellulose) and polyester (Polyester) Low cost compared to similar products In the production of the present product, the cellulose bed of the filter, which is responsible for the main task of filtration, is coated with nanofibers. Nanofibers with a diameter of less than 100 nm are applied to ordinary filter paper using electrospinning. This increases the efficiency of the filter without significantly increasing the pressure drop and thus the better quality of the filtration process. The use of polyamide nanofibers with a diameter of less than 100 nm in the construction of this filter has increased the pressure difference due to the passage of gas in the filter containing nanofibers (165 Pa) compared to conventional filter (160 Pa). Also, the use of nanofibers in the construction of the filter has resulted in a rupture pressure of 46 psi, which is higher than the minimum acceptable level (45 psi).

High Flow Rates Long life Efficiency improvement High rupture pressure Filter media resistance to gas pressure Internal guard resistance to gas pressure

Manufacturer's Description

Filtration is a mechanical or physical process that is used in various industries such as cement and gypsum production, petrochemicals, natural gas transmission and in compressors.  During this process, solid suspended metariels are separated from fluids such as air, water, gas or oil. These particles when passing through the filter, adhere to the constituent fibers and will not pass through the filter. Therefore, the smaller pores in the filter increase the efficiency of the filter and can prevent the passage of smaller particles. However, increasing the fiber density of the filter bed increases the pressure drop and thus increases energy consumption. The use of filters with nanofiber coating due to high surface area, length to width ratio and low density increases the efficiency of the filter in absorbing finer particles without a significant increase in pressure drop of the filter compared to the filter without nanofibers. This increases the quality of the passing fluid and as a result increases the life of the parts and reduces the repair and stopping time. The mechanism of action is that a thin layer of nanofiber mesh is a barrier to particles; while the gas is passed through a large volume through small holes. The electrospun fibers are less than 100 nm in diameter and cover the surface of the filter paper evenly. These nanofibers are usually made of polyamide.

Dry Gas Filter is one of the most common filters used in the gas industry and is the last stage of filtration in the gas supply system and can be installed and used in two types, vertical and horizontal. Natural gas, after refining and leaving refineries and before being transferred to gas pressure reducing stations, contains solid particles and sediments, dirt and dust and even moisture. Dry gas filters are used to prevent these solid particles from damaging the regulators, valves and the equipment used in pressure reducing stations and gas supply lines.