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Sony - 300 mm F2.8 G SSM II


Medicine Medical Supplies Product Number : SAL300F28G2



Digital Still/Video Cameras
Digital Still/Video Cameras


-Superior resolution with great bokeh A refined G Lens optical design that includes ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass for optimum suppression of aberration gives this high-performance telephoto lens a perfect blend of high resolution and excellent contrast in in-focus areas with beautifully smooth background bokeh that can make the subject stand out for deep, dimensional visual impact. -Clear images with crisp contrast In addition to precision optical design, Sony’s Nano AR Coating technology produces a lens coating with a precisely defined regular nano-structure that effectively suppresses reflections that can cause flare and ghosting. The overall result is superior clarity and crisp contrast that add up to outstanding definition. -Faster tracking and improved response Sony’s SSM autofocus drive system is a desirable feature in itself, offering exceptionally smooth, quiet operation. -A refined operating experience Four focus hold buttons around the lens barrel provide easy access no matter how the camera is held. -SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) focus drive The SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) is a piezoelectric drive system that contributes to smooth, silent autofocus operation. To the photographer that means quick, quiet, accurate focus. -Dust and moisture resistant A dust and moisture resistant design means that the lens will continue to perform reliably in moderately wet or dusty conditions, so you can shoot with confidence wherever those great shots are found. -Carbon fiber lens hood This lens comes supplied with a carbon-fiber lens hood that is lightweight and lined with velvet fibers that will effectively absorb spurious light.

Moisture Resistance High contrast Accurate light transmission High resolution Dust Resistance Accurate focus

Manufacturer's Description

This large-aperture telephoto lens offers optical quality that fully supports high-resolution image sensors, plus excellent balance between contrast and background blur. With a 300 mm focal length and F2.8 maximum aperture, it is a tool that nature and sports photographers will appreciate, and its lightweight design offers the mobility needed to be in the right place at the right time.