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Super Ultegra TEGT


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he new Super Ultegra Bolo is light, fast, sensitive and therefore an excellent rod for the experienced Bolo angler. The super fast HPC200 blank with NANO material makes the rod very stiff, light and sensitive Allows perfect control and perfect hooking Heavy models for fast and dynamic fishing No reel holder and no rings on the rod, so that the angler can design the rod according to his ideas Length: 6.00m Transport length: 135cm Parts: 6 Weight: 186g Casting weight: 15-25g

Lightweight Stiffness High sensitivity Quick response

Manufacturer's Description

The new Super Ultegra bolo rod has been made lighter, faster and more responsive, resulting in an excellent rod, designed for the experienced bolo angler. • The extra fast HPC200 blank with NANO makes the rod highly stiff, light and responsive. This results in perfect control over the float and hook setting. The powerful back of the rod will help bringing in a fish fast and safe. • Heavy models (new) in range for extra fast / powerful fishing. • No reel seat and no guides on the rod, so the angler can customize the rod to his own preferences.