Registration Date 7 Mar 2021
Revision Date 7 Mar 2021

Car wash with dustproof properties


Automotive Maintenance

Car Wash Concentrate


Car body washing


Comprising nano particles Glossing and forming protective layer on car color as well as prevention from paling Cleaning of dust and oily species Reduction in dust adsorption due to anti-static property No scratch on car body surfaces Environmental-friendly Easy usage Due to presence of nanoparticle sin the carwash structure, proper cleaning property tends to appear in this material as it can completely and quickly remove dust, stain, oily species, grease as well as retained smoke from car body surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly Anti-static Dust removal Non-scratching Oil removal Grease removal Stains removal Smoke removel Glossing Prevention from paling

Manufacturer's Description

A clean and glossy car has been always attention engrossing while it is a representative of its owner’s discipline and good characters. A proper material selection for avoiding scratch formation through car body is a significant factor in cleaning the car. Different materials such as detergents, waxes, protective materials as well as car shampoo have been used for washing the car body. Nowadays, materials encompassing nano particles, in addition to their hydrophobic manner, prevent particle diffusion and surrounding masses containing dust and dirt due to their highly packed structure. Due to their anti-static properties can diffuse into very fine Nano-metric surfaces and transfer them to the tissue fibers by formation of tangled strings. So, the fine invisible nano sized masses can be easily removed from surface. Furthermore, the mentioned materials tend to protect the surface by formation of a high adhesion superficial layer. No water soaking as well as easy usage is the key points for application of such materials.