Registration Date 7 Mar 2021
Revision Date 7 Mar 2021

Car wheel and dashboard polish


Automotive Maintenance

Dashboard Polish


Glossing agent, cleaner, protective agent of car wheel and dashboard
Wheel Dashboard


Containing nano materials Anti-dust High power of shininess and protection Preventing from wheel erosion and cracking No oil effect remaining Long lasting effect Aromatic flavor Reduction of dust due to anti-static property Due to presence of nano materials in glossing product of this company, electrostatic property of this product enhances and dust repulsion behavior tends to improve.

Anti-static Long-term Effective Dust removal Electrostatic Sunlight protection High power of shininess Preventing from wheel erosion Preventing from wheel cracking Preventing from dashboard cracking Preventing from dashboard erosion

Manufacturer's Description

Cleanliness of interior and exterior parts of car like seat cover, dashboard, body and wheel tends to show the beauty of them and somehow represents the owner’s character. Nowadays, application of washing agents such as sprays and waxes have become common in addition to water washing. Different kinds of dirt such as dust, mud and even tiny stones stuck between wheel crevices due to wheel-road paired contact and lead to appearance change as well as damage. Application of glossing agents an addition to cleaning materials has become a conventional approach that elongate wheel lifetime. In addition of making wheel appearance shine, such materials prevent wheel from sun light and heat extending wheel lifetime as well. Dashboard is another part of automobile which is usually made from different materials such as wood, polymer, and aluminum of carbon fibers. This part, which is a significant representative of car gest, becomes dirty in contact with hands and dusts while it is quite sensitive to sun light. It is of quite importance for this part to remain clean and beautiful and hence, application of glossing agents is one of the ways that can fulfill both mentioned requirements.

Nowadays, due to their dense structure, application of nanoparticles prevent diffusion of surrounding masses and particles such as dusts and dirt while prevent crack formation by making texture of dashboard and wheel more softer. Due to their anti-static property, such materials can diffuse to surfaces with nano-metric scale and carry them to tissue strings by formation of tangled strings. Therefore, invisible tiny objects remove from surface and surface glossiness tends to happen. Furthermore, these materials form an adhesive protective layer upon surfaces that guard wheel and dashboard. No need from water together with easy use is two main key advantages of such nano materials.