Registration Date 9 Mar 2021
Revision Date 9 Mar 2021

Bacoban Denmark - Kills bacteria and envelope virus


Medicine Disinfection



Coronavirus All surfaces


Long-lasting disinfection against bacteria and coat-bearing viruses (including coronavirus) with effect for up to 10 days Kills 99.61% after 50 touches and 85.40% after 200 touches! Leaves the surface nice, clean and protected. Can be used on all water-resistant surfaces.

Anti-bacterial Activity Long-term Effective Durable Antibacterial effect Virus-killing

Manufacturer's Description

The most common disinfectants, such as alcohols, disinfect surfaces at the time the agents are used. However, this only provides a short-term protection until new bacteria and viruses are added again, e.g. the first time a handle is touched or a toilet is used. It is therefore not known when the treated areas are infected again and thus may pose a risk of infection.

Bacoban Disinfection 10 Days is used after normal cleaning and with its fast and long-lasting disinfecting effect ensures that bacteria and mantle-bearing viruses are killed and the treated surfaces remain protected for up to 10 days or until the next scheduled cleaning. Bacoban Disinfection 10 Days is therefore the key to ensuring protection against bacteria and mantle-bearing viruses between cleaning periods, which is the unique thing about this product.

The long-lasting effect of Bacoban 10 Days is achieved by forming a semi-permanent nanofilm on the surface of the treated area after using the product. This very thin film contains active biocides that slowly release and kill bacteria and coat-bearing viruses (up to 10 days).

Bacoban 10 Days reduces odor nuisance caused by bacteria due to its bactericidal effect.

In addition, the formed nanofilm creates an "easy to clean" effect, which makes it easier to clean the treated areas.

Important! The reducing antimicrobial effect of Bacoban® is no excuse for not performing the necessary disinfection measures in case of visible and / or questionable contamination!