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PURICA Cordyceps


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Preclinical Trials Show Improvement with Cordyceps for: Cardiovascular function Endocrine/hormonal regulation Adrenal function Genitourinary and kidney function Cordyceps for Adrenal Support Stress plays a huge role in depleting our stamina and performance. By balancing the Yin and Yang Jing energy, Cordyceps is a highly effective tonic! Cordyceps as a Therapeutic Agent The rejuvenating properties of Cordyceps also: Strengthen body and mind at a fundamental level Increase our primary ‘motive’ force for life activities Replenish expended energy from exertion, stress and aging Improve lung capacity and efficiency Restore physical stamina and recuperative ability Improve appetite

Anti-aging Stamina Improvement Healthy Cardiovascular System Strength Improvement Endocrine/hormonal regulation Improvement Adrenal function Improvement Genitourinary and kidney function Improvement Appetite Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

The Cordyceps’ life cycle peaks in both winter and summer and is considered to have the unique property of balancing the primal powers of Water and Fire in the body, nourishing both yin and yang, soma and psyche. It is an essence tonic that invigorates the breath and guards against premature aging by fostering the body’s capacity to reproduce, grow, and regenerate.