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GoGoNano ™ textile and leather protection Stay Dry, 300 ml


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Finishing Agent


textile and leather protection
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immediate and long-term protection (up to 18 months) the color, texture and breathability of the treated material do not change safe and easy to apply small nanoparticles also protect the material deep inside it all products retain their new appearance for a long time the time and frequency of cleaning are significantly reduced UV protection protects the material from fading surface care requires less cleaning agents protects the material from acid rain and contaminants

Color Retention UV Protection Environmentally Friendly Breathability Invisibility Oil resistance Long-term Effective No change appearance (texture) Hydrophobic Contaminant resistant Fade resistant Stain repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Stay Dry has been developed with the specifics of leather goods and textiles in mind. In contact with the material, it forms a strong invisible protective layer on both the surface of the object and its internal fibers, which lasts up to 18 months and prevents the material from getting wet, dirty and fading, without changing the breathability, color or texture of the material.