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Uvex Variomatic sunglasses


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The new uvex Variomatic lenses adapt to all light conditions in a self-tinting manner. Anti-fog and easy-to-clean coating guarantee a clear view. The distortion-free glasses (quality class 1) are almost unbreakable and block 100% UV rays. And: at just 22 g, the uvex Variomatic is up to 25% lighter than many other “light” glasses.

Anti-fog UV Protection Lightweight Easy-to-clean

Manufacturer's Description

Just one pair of sunglasses for every light. There is no need to change glasses. In contrast to simple coated lenses, the UV filter is incorporated directly into the lens material. In this way, the 100% absorption of harmful UV rays (UVA / B / C up to 400 nm) and blue light components is retained over the long term. Permanently fog-free thanks to the latest Supravision®nano technology.
The photochromic panes automatically become darker or lighter - and with them their light transmission: from 17% for glaring sun to 77% for overcast skies and dim light (corresponds to glare protection level 1-3). In this way, you will always perceive your surroundings in an optimally natural way and rich in contrast.
Total UV protection - directly in the glass.

Sweat, dirt, insects, ... are removed with one wipe - without streaks or streaks. You can see without distortion through the decentered lenses. No closed frame obstructs your view.
Bumpy track, mogul slope, cross course, ... your sunglasses fit perfectly and withstand even tough conditions without damage.
The flat, highly flexible temples adapt to any head shape without pressure. Integrated anti-slip pads ensure a secure hold.