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Hydrophobic Polyurethane based Paint


Construction Masonry Materials

Hydrophobic paint


Building frontages Refurbishment of historical monuments
Historical Buildings Building


Avoid dandruff and white spot Preserve the surface clean Preserve brick of frontage breathability Stopping dust from deep penetrating into the frontage Steadiness against frost and cracking Colorless, unscented and devoid of layering Increase the lifetime and durability of frontage Moisture protection Thanks to the use of nanoparticles in the polymeric substrate and the functionalization of particles, an appropriate hydrophobic possession is produced on the superficial zone of the frontage. Micrometer and nanometer flawlessness caused by existence of nanoparticles decrease the surface adhesion force between water droplets and surface, which stops the development of stains and dandruff.

Crack Resistance Moisture Resistance Breathability Odorless Hydrophobic Frost resistance Colorless Anti-dust Anti-Dandruff

Manufacturer's Description

The frontage of the building is one of the most significant parts of the building, which is hard to retain due to lack of access for intermittent cleaning. Difficulties produced by water absorption on the frontage of the building comprise dandruff after rain, absorption of contamination and the influence on the building view as well as cracking and defeating of materials in the cold season.

It is besides very significant to cope with environmental erosion factors like dust and even acid rain for repairing of historic buildings and even maintain new buildings made. In the past, outdated coatings such as paint were used. But, due to the staining of the colors exposed to sunlight and reduced breathability of the brick of frontage because of moisture cut down, it did not work well. As a good alternate for outdated paints, hydrophobic coatings considerably extend the frontage lifetime.