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Acrylic antibacterial paint for constructional use


Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-bacterial Paint


This product can be used on all surfaces of cement, gypsum, brick, and stone to make antibacterial coating on walls and ceilings in almost every housing, commercial, educational, health, sporting and other places.
Stone Cement Brick Walls Ceiling Antibacterial coating


The antibacterial influence vividly increases in the nanometer scale, as they are talented to slaughter more than 650 kinds of bacteria. These nanoparticles also display robust antifungal activity against specific fungal contagions. As the particle size decreases, the ion release increases, which upsurges their antibacterial commotion. By nanotechnology and addition of nanoparticles, an exclusive characteristic has been shaped in such product. In this way, this paint can create a fresh superficial area for a long period, and after putting on the paint on the surfaces, any microorganisms are exterminated as soon as they touch the paint. On the other hand, with the vanishing of antibacterial properties, it is likely to make this property by spraying colorless nano-materials. Washing painting tools with this paint with lukewarm water including brush, roller or sprayer Easy elimination of fumes and moisture from the paint surface due to the breathability of this paint (no blistering faults or hollows through ventilation while by organic solvents) Rapid drying and cool use and painting more than a few times per day Entirely waterproof, washable and hydrophobic (Usage in bathrooms) Superior resistance to ultraviolet rays of sunlight

Anti-bacterial Activity Resistance to ultraviolet light Breathability Anti-fungal Activity Hydrophobic Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

The internal shells of buildings can be a potent residence for germs and bacteria to grow. In circumstances where there is high moisture and nutrients in these places; many microbes, including pathogenic classes, are bring into being in constructional materials like tiles, ceramics, plasters, walls and concrete exteriors. Different sorts of surfaces can be coated with antibacterial paint to avoid growth of bacterial. Antibacterial acrylic paints comprising nanoparticles are used to make a fresh surface for a long lifetime. Water-based acrylic nano paints are a novel group of constructional paints that are frequently used due to ecological matters as well as not using organic solvents.