Registration Date 6 Apr 2021
Revision Date 6 Apr 2021

Bags and backpacks with antibacterial external surface


Textile Shoes and Bag



Arka Fidar Anar Company as one of the producers of bag and backpack in the country produce products with antibacterial effect using nano particles. Imposing antibacterial effect in the surface of bag and backpack can be carried out by using two different ways: 1. Imposing antibacterial effect on the textile before sewing 2. Imposing antibacterial effect on final product Antibacterial effect of such materials against harmful bacteria for human such as K. pneumonia and E. Coli has been proven.

Anti-bacterial Activity

Manufacturer's Description

Bag and backpack are very useful accessories for carrying things that peoples in every age can use them easily.  In addition to school and university, such things can be used in mountain, camping, work and trips and because of this are exposed to different polluting agents. Bags and backpacks are rarely washed and hence, a great deal of pollutions and dirt are always with their surface after a period of use. Application of nano particles may reduce pollution levels in the considerably.   Because of many epidemic virus-based diseases distributed nowadays, a great deal of attention has been paid to antibacterial materials. Such case cause focusing on industrial antibacterial materials as many production units approaches to get antibacterial property in their yield.