Registration Date 6 Apr 2021
Revision Date 6 Apr 2021

Facade Concrete Panel


Construction Structural Materials



All in all, there are no limits for the application of concrete panels as such product can be used for several atmospheres with any kind of usage. Using in any style of interior decoration, particularly up-to-date places or external architecture of the structure Potential to be used in commercial centers, art centers, restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, building frontages and even interior decoration of the house Using of 3D panels to shield the walls, particularly in forming a focal point
Restaurant Interior decoration Commercial Art centers Food courts Coffee shops Building frontages


Ability to paint Washability High resistance Being light Waterproof Physical beauty Reasonable price Easy to install Extended lifetime due to high resistance to wear Iran Aptus Company has created a concrete-based frontage panel comprising nanoparticles and a water-based coating taking advantage of nanoparticles to advance water absorption resistance by nanotechnology.

Washability Lightweight Wear Resistance Waterproof Long life Paintable High resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Concrete-based frontage panel is a product that is extensively used in the building business, particularly up-to-date interior beautification. Concrete-based panel is a ready-made concrete product that has numerous diverse routines. Though these ornamental panels are made of concrete, they are not as heavy as concrete. Due to the mixture of other materials with concrete throughout manufacturing, this product is not as weighty as concrete. The low mass of materials used in interior beautification for covering walls, floors and frontages is one of the most significant safety features. These hard-wearing assemblies are called to the panels both in simple and three-dimensional ways that are used for a long-lasting lifetime and interior beautification.