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Stainless Steel Insulated Roti Saver Casserole with Coaster


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-Freedom From Sogginess Designed in Such a way so as to protect top and bottom Roti from dampening. -N9 Roti Coaster Roti Coaster prevents rotis from sticking to the container and getting soggy. -See Through Toughened Glass Lid Easily see the contents of Roti Saver even without opening the lid. Glass lid is toughened for durability. -Double wall PUF coating NanoNine Roti Saver is double walled and PUF coated between walls to prevent heat and nutrition loss. -Feather Light Specially designed to be lightweight for easy handling.

Durability Lightweight Non-stick surface Heat insulation Double wall

Manufacturer's Description

Lets save food together!!!  This innovation with unique design not only save Roti’s but also retains its freshness. Everytime, the top and bottom Roti get soggy and lost its nutrition. ROTI SAVER Prevents this with its unique design.Roti’s are placed on N9 Roti coaster and thus prevent it from getting soggy instead of dampening. The vapour generated on the toughened glass lids slides down on the wall instead of dropping. Hence, all the vapour generated accumulated beneath the N9 Roti coaster and your Rotis are kept fresh and crisp.