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Antibacterial Baby Blanket
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Antibacterial Free of allergenic fibers Soft and tender Light In different colors and designs Washable with cold water and mild detergent The antibacterial activity of nanoparticles in the production of Baby Blanket prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The antibacterial effect of the particles used in this product increases dramatically on the nanometer scale so that it is able to kill various types of bacteria. Antibacterial activity is an indicator of the ability of the product to eliminate the bacteria which are in contact with it, and is obtained from the logarithmic comparison of the number of bacteria present on the control sample and the produced sample after 24 hours of contact with the bacteria. According to the standard, when the anti-bacterial activity of the product is between 2 and 3, the term "effective" can be used, while if the antibacterial activity is greater than 3, it has a strong effect. This product shows high antibacterial activity according to INSO 11070.

Anti-bacterial Activity Washability Lightweight Anti-fungal Activity Soft Allergenic fibers-free Tender

Manufacturer's Description

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping from birth, and a good night's sleep is one of the biggest concerns for parents at birth. Besides, sensitive skin and bodies of infants need care, including adequate warmth in the cold seasons, and for this purpose, use a soft, light and free of allergens is important. The use of soft colors in the design of the blanket in order to prevent damage to the skin and eyes of the baby should also be considered.

Due to the contact of the baby's body and head and face with the blanket and the baby's greater sensitivity to bacteria and microbes in the environment and on the surface of the blanket, the use of fabric with antibacterial properties in the production of blankets is important to further ensure the baby's health.
It is possible to provide antibacterial properties by using nanoparticles that are present in the coating applied to the surface of the fabric or are introduced into the internal structure of the fabric in the production process. Nanoparticles in contact with the bacterium weaken its outer membrane and destroy it. Taravat Ofogh Zendegi Company, using antibacterial cotton fabric in the production of baby blanket, has provided the possibility of a peaceful and comfortable sleep for the baby in a clean and germ-free environment.