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COPPER PEPTIDES can no longer be dispensed with in rese- arch in the field of skin care. And for good reason, they can affect the overall condition of the skin favourably – in addition, thanks to their inflammation-inhibiting effect, they are considered to be a wonder weapon against skin impurities and skin irritations. COPPER-PEPTIDES actively promote, among others, the regeneration of our skin as well as the production and integration of collagen and elastin. Thus, they are decisively responsible for a balanced, clear and even appearance of the skin. An adequate supply of VITAMIN B₂ ensures healthy and resistant skin cells. Riboflavin is an important constituent of the antioxidant network and regulates cell renewal, among others. As a result of accelerating healing of wounds, it also supports the healing process of fresh scars and skin impurities. The body reacts to a deficiency of VITAMIN B₂, among others, with a disturbed skin protection barrier and the negative effects on the skin associated with it. As far the skin is concerned, VITAMIN B₃ is a true beauty all-rounder, since, among others, it strengthens the skin protection barrier and promotes the production of collagen and thus ensures resilient and healthy skin. In addition, the vitamin is actively involved in energy metabolism of the cells and contributes, based on its antioxidant effect, towards reducing cell damage caused by free radicals. In particular, VITAMIN B₃ is used in the fight against acne and skin impurities, since it has a strong antiinflammatory and antibacterial effect. Apart from other vitamins, VITAMIN B₆ is responsible for strong nails, healthy hair and a beautiful skin appearance. As a con- stituent of enzymes, it ensures acceleration of the conversion and build-up of proteins - a property that is indispensable for healthy skin. At the same time, pyridoxin is important for integrating collagen in the skin and thus, for firm binding tissue. In addition, as a result of its regulative properties, it has an extremely alleviating effect on dry skin, eczema and also acne, in particular. ULTRA PURE WATER is considered to be the purest carrier of effective active agents and is particularly compatible with the skin or tolerated by the skin. It is completely free of lipids and is transparent and enables, in this way, texture-free use on the skin. At the same time, due to its high electrical resistance, it gets pulled extraordinarily quickly into the skin and thus ensures the best possible absorption of active agents.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Skin Protection Regenerating skin Collagen Production Skin irritations healing Skin elasticity improver Strengthening skin's resilience

Manufacturer's Description

The ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS Cu-PEPTIDE & VITAMIN B FACIAL NANO SPRAY guarantees to give you vibrant, radiantly beautiful skin. The products unique active ingredient complex containing highly effective B2, B3 and B6 vitamins and copper peptides speeds up the skin’s natural metabolism. The spray also improves the skin’s natural protection and stimulates collagen and elastin production. The patented intelligent delivery system transports the nanorized and highly concentrated copper peptides and B2, B3 and B6 vitamins to the deepest layers of the dermis. The innovative spray nozzle allows the product to be precisely applied to the skin with ultra-pure water.