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Revision Date 5 May 2021

Antimicrobial Film


Textile Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics

antibacterial protective film


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Touch display Coronavirus COVID-19


Shrinks the time window in which bacteria and viruses are viable on the screen Reduces contamination from common pathogens by at least 99.99% within 24 hours It’s thin—only 120 microns thick—for antimicrobial protection with unimpeded interactivity Protects against scratches and scuffs Comes with matte anti-glare surface finish for improved usage of digital signage Applies easily to displays

Anti-bacterial Activity Scratch Resistance Anti-microbial activity Scuff Resistance Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

Aids in containment of any bacteria and viruses using a silver nanoparticle coating bonded to a low residue adhesive which prevents bacterial colonization. Adds another layer of hygiene protection and showcase what building owners are doing to serve tenants and their visitors.

Antimicrobial properties are designed to be effective for one year. TouchSource can partner with you for supplies of replacement films and film re-application services. If not replaced, the film will continue to act as a protective layer for scratches and glare beyond one year.

Antimicrobial film is not a substitute for proper cleaning. It’s one more tool to enhance safety for your customers.

Together with the TouchSource Taos wellness kiosk with temperature readings and hand sanitizing, TouchSource Protect antimicrobial film is part of a full suite of public health messaging and visitor safety tools for a post-pandemic world. Learn about our other contactless digital messaging, directories and safety solutions for a safer re-opening.